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By eliminating the need for a separate inner plug, the unique design of the MonoCap® eliminates a number of factors which cause water pollution, A special two rings inside the cavity allow easy loading of the bottle onto the dispenser and at the same time prevent water from being contaminated with dust or other waste material. Not only is the content of the bottle protected by the hermetic inner seal, a further level of protection is added by the revolutionary use of a welded plastic label seal over the cavity. This seal protects the filling area of the cap from the ingress of dust, dirt, water, snow, moisture and all other external pollutants, thus ensuring delivery of the product to the customer in perfect condition. When ready to use, this seal is easily removed by pulling the specially designed 'easy-peel' tab. The customer's logo may be printed on the label in up to six colors ensuring strong brand identity. Each and every cap is twice UV sterilized during the final stage of the manufacturing process. Once the caps have undergone this sterilization, they are packed in quantities of 600 and sealed in two PE bags before being loaded into cartons to protect the high quality of the product all the way to the bottling plant.

The MonoCap® has been awarded a certificate by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene as it is fully complying with all relevant FDA and EC directives.

The MonoCap® is manufactured by VIKI PLAST® company in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP procedures.