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About MonoCap®

The MonoCap® is the first single piece, injection moulded 19-litre water bottle cap

  • a fully hermetic seal is delivered as a result of the unique 'one-piece' structure of the MonoCap® a optional lining material is available to secure the seal on blow molded neck;
  • the same hermetic seal is available for all types of 11-, 19- and 22-litre (3- or 5-gallon) bottles;
  • this unique construction with no use of a internal plug eliminates any possible external water pollution;
  • the application of a welded plastic label adds a tamper evidence protecting the cavity of the water dispenser against any ingress of dirt, bacteria or other foreign matter;
  • repeated use of the cap is impossible due to the in-built security features;
  • easy to apply and simple to remove
  • excellent aesthetic appearance
  • fully certified to meet all relevant FDA and EC directives;
  • designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP